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About Us


SSC International, Inc. is a leading importer, wholesaler, and distributor of Asian beer, spirits, wine and condiments based in South El Monte, Southern California, USA. We have been providing quality alcoholic beverages, condiments and food products to the US Asian population since 1996.


SSC International, Inc. has continued to grow steadily by providing quality products and service to our customers. We work closely with our suppliers and customers to build brand awareness and loyalty. Our company offers a wide spectrum of products and distribution channels that cover 40 states in the United States. 


SSC is the exclusive US importer of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation's flagship beer brand, Taiwan Beer, Taiwan's most popular and well-known beer brand, and Saigon Beer, Vietnam's most popular beer brand. We also developed and grown our own brands - Liang, Tang and Hong Biau - to become recognizable staples in Asian homes, restaurants, and supermarkets in the US. 


We serve well-established Asian national supermarket chains such as 99 Ranch Market, Marukai Market, and H Mart, online grocery stores such as Weee!, local and out-of-state distributors, markets and wholesalers, food and condiment manufacturers, as well as local restaurants. We also provide delivery services to our local wholesalers, markets, and restaurants.

SSC Office Entrance

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand our operations to all 50 US states and provide our customers quality Asian beers, spirits, and wine nation-wide. We aim to ensure our products and brands have general appeal to all American consumers, not just the Asian and Asian American population. 


As the Asian and Asian-American population is the fastest growing racial group in the United States, our company has enormous potential for growth and expansion of our consumer base. Furthermore, as the American public continues to be introduced to a multitude of traditional Asian flavors, our products will appeal to an ever-growing number of American consumers.

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