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China Spirits

Erguotou-Red Star, Nulansan & Beijing

Erguotou is a type of Kaoliang Liquor. It is one of china Shouchu with the ingredient Chinese Sorghum and made by distillation. It is named Erguotou by reason of its only applying the liquid from the second distillation. It is widely loved by the people from Beijing. Due to different brands and packaging, there are also other names including "Nulansan", "Beijing" and "Red Star". The alcohol content of Erguotou is higher than the white wine made in southern places, and is mostly between 44%-56%.


History: The history of the distillation of white wine in Beijing jas been long and rich. Jin Dynasty set Beijing as " Central Capital" and conducted wine distiller to make shouchu. It came to the middle stage of Qing Dynasty that the shouchu workshop in the capital conducted a technology revolutionary to upgrade shouchu quality. The tin pot, namely sky pot, was used as a cooler during wine distillation. During distillation, it needs to put the " heading liquor" flown from the tin pot with cold water as a cooler with the aeriform liquor in the first distillation and the " ending liqor" flown from the tin pot with cold water as a cooler in the third distillation away for other process due to the cooled wine in the 1st and 3rd distillation contained low boiling point materials with various flavors so that winery only apply the liquor with rich and mellow flavor flown out of the tin pot with cooling water in the second distillation. That is why it is named "Erguotou".

Erguotou in the Beijing taste culture: Drinking Erguotou is like drinking bean juice, which reflects the charm of Beijing. It is mostly consumed along with cold dish such as peanuts, sliced bean curd make by Gaopi Shop, spiced beef seasoned with soy sauce, and shredded cucumber. Most of the consumers would constantly drink Erguotou to increase appetite and fun when having old Beijing side dishes such as spiced corned baked wheat cake, cooked tripe of sheep or swine, sliced lamb head cooked with white water. Besides, it is most popular colloction to consue dumpling and Erguotou at the same time in the winter. The main brands of Erguotou in Beijing market are " Red Star" and "Niu Lan Shan". Over these years, marketing perception has been advanced so that the manufacture launch " 8 Years Luxury Erguotou" with mid-range priced packaging and propaganda extremely different from traditional civilian style Erguotou.

Product Information:

Alc/Volume: 56%

Size: Available in 750ml, 375ml jar (w/box), 200ml

Alc/Volume:53% and 43% (8yrs)

Size: Available in 750ml

Class: Spirit

Rose Wine  

It is a ecological enbironment friendly health drink made of the ingredients including fresh rose from plateau as high as 1500 meter above seal level, fine quality Chinese sorghum or Wuliang Wine made of five grains (proso millet, corn, glutinous rice, long grain rice and wheat); as well as traditional winemaking process and delicate distillation.

Rose wine features crystal clear wine color, mellow and brigh wine quality, long lasting and sweet savor, sweet soft wine body, sweet and delicious aftertaste. It has beauriful bouquet, highlighting rose floral fragrance, balanced floral fragrance and wine aroma. It is tasty, refreshing, pleasant, and comfortable after drinking.


History: Rose wine was originated from Tang Dynasty. It was in 1911 that Bi Brew House exclusively brewed and operated " Rose Brewed Wine". Due to a sign board made of tin candle was set up in front of the door, it was called " Bi Great Candle Rose Wine" and got popular with its spectacular wine quality and sweet scented aroma.



1. Refreshing- Rose wine, a type of fruit wine, alcohol content (35%-55%), sugar (5%-8%), total       acidity (0.1%). Crystal clear wine color, mellow and bright wine quality, long lasting and         sweet savor, sweet soft wine body, sweet and deliciious aftertaste. It has beautiful bouquet,       highlighting rose floral fragrance, balanced floral fragrance and wine aroma. It is tasty,             refreshing pleassant, and comfortable after drinking.

2. Enhancing immunity- The bifidus factor in the rose wine can prohibit from the growth of the         original bacteria and spoilage, maintain the balance of intestinal flora, enhance the                 absorption of human body, bears antitumor activity, and increase human body immunity           function.

3. Release cold and reduce blood pressure-Rose wine also carries the effects including release       cold, reduce blood pressure, nurtures vital essence and enhance kidney, refreshing spirit,           improve endocrine, and particularly functions with remarkable promising effects on                   gynecological disorders.

Product Information:

Alc/ Volume: 49% (Jar w/box) and 54% (Glass)

Size: Available in 750ml 

Class: Spirit




Kaoliang Chiew

Kaoliang chiew is a kind of unique Chinese traditional spirits. It is colorless, pure, harmonious and clear.Kaoliang chiew is made up of good sorghum,which is the raw material, grown is the northern area of china and the ferment preparation, which is made up of barley, wheat and pea. It comes to produced good after fermenting, distilling, storing for 2 years. The alcohol is sent into market after taste appraisal and inspection. Kaoliang chiew is a kind of unique chinese traditional spirits with faint scent. It is colorless, transparent, pure, harmonious and clear.

Mouth feel:

It is full of delicate fragrance. The spirit is soft, smooth, integrated and unique.


Product Information:

Alc/Volume:  62%

Size: Available in 750ml jar( w/box) or bottle

Color: colorless and clear


Confucius House Wine

Confucius house wine, a fine wine with low alcohol content, was developed and produced by Qufu winery in 1986. Confucius House Wine is developed by following the homemade wine history of confucius and confucius's house winery. Confucius House Wine has been renowned  by its three aromas (remarkable smell, taste, and aftertaste; and three promising features (excellent aroma, flavor, and wine body) with a 2500-year-old winemaking history. Confucius House White Wine has been a specialty wine to be contributed to royal palace and given to high ranked officials as a gift by Duke Yansheng (Confucius's descendents) in generations.


Feature: Colorless and transparent, heavy cellar aroma, soft and sweet, long lasting savor, thickness and sweetness, refreshing and clearness.


Winemaking process: Confucius House Wine features best chosen Chinese sorghum as primary ingredient, Koji with high temperature as saccharification and fermentation agent, Confucius House winery's multiple feedings and solid fermentation technology, aging for long period of time, and scientific technology. With their unique winemaking technology and the promosing wine characteristic-mellowness, it was widely popular among high ranked officials and royal families, and became a tribute presented to palace.


Aardws: In 1988, it won the First Annual China Food Fair Gold Medal. In 1988, it won National Silver Medal. In 1989, it won Beijing International Food Fair Gold Medal. In 1990, it won the 29th Annual Brussels International Product Quality Competition Gold Medal. In 2001, it won an honorary title-" China Top 10 Famous Wine with Cultural Background".


History: Qufu's winemaking industry has years of history. It is said in some resources that it has been existed for 2000 years and Confucius House Winemaking was originated from Ming Dynasty. The homemade wine was firstly solely for being offered in a ceremony in honor of Confucius and thereafter it turned out to be a wine for banquet by reason of so many high ranked officials visiting Confucius House. The Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty had visited Qufu to have a ceremony in honor of  Confucius for 8 times. It was in 1790 that was the last time he visited Qufu to have a ceremony in honor of Confucius, then he also visited his daughter named YUS (the wife of the 72nd generation of Duke Yanshen), drank the wine especially presented by his son-in-law Duke Xianpei, repeatedly praised the wine for its delicious taste during the banquet for entertaining Emperor Qianlong. During the banquet, he said to Xianpei Kong, bring some house wine and a little lamb from Xiguan when you come to Beijing. Later on, Confucius House was exempted from sending tribute to palace except for Confucius House Wine and little lamb. Therefore, it is also known as "Lamb and Great Wine" by the descendents.


Product Information:

Alc/Volume: 39%

Size: Available in 375ml jar (w/box)

Class: Spirit


Hua Diao Chiew

Huadiao Chiew, also known as Nuerhong:a variety of huangchiew that originates from Shaoxing, in the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang. It is made of glutinous rice and wheat. This wine evolvd from the Shaoxing tradition of burying Nuerhong underground when a daughter was born, and digging it up for the wedding banquet when the daughter was to be married. The containers would be decorated with bright colors as a wedding gift. To make the gift more appealing, ,people began to use pottery with flowery carvings and patterns.

Product Variety & Information:

(Liang) Hua Diao Chiew

Alc/Volume:16%, Size: Available in 750ml, Class: Wine

(Liang) Chia Fen Chiew 

Alc/Volume:18%, Size: Available in 750ml (glass) or 1.5L (Jar), Class: Wine

(Tang) Hua Diao Chiew-red

Alc/Volume:15%, Size: Available in 750ml, Class: Wine

(Tang) Hua Diao Chiew-blue

Alc/Voulme:17%, Size: Available in 750ml, Class: Wine

(Tang) Hua Diao Supreme

Alc/Volume:17%, Size: Available in 750ml, Class: Wine

(Tang) Hua Diao Chiew-8 yrs

Alc/Volume:17%,Size: Available in 750 w/box, Class: Wine

(Tang) Chia Fen Chiew

Alc/Volume:18%, Size: Available in 750ml, Class: Wine

(Golden) Nuerhong

Alc/Volume:18%, Size: Available in 75Oml (Jar) w/box, Class: Wine


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