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Taiwan Beer is a beer brand sold by Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation and is the best-selling beer brand in Taiwan. Taiwan Beer has won numerous international awards including the 1977 International Monde Selection Award and the 2002 The Brewing Industry International Award. 

Taiwan Beer has its origins in 1921 as Takasago Beer through the Takasago Malted Beer Company while Taiwan was ruled by Japan. When the Chinese Nationalists took power, the production of beer was assigned to the Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau. The name Taiwan Beer was adopted in 1946. In the 1960s, locally produced Ponlai rice was added to the fermentation process, creating the distinctive local flavor for which the beer is famous today.

As Taiwan became a democracy and removed its monopoly on alcohol, the successor of the Monopoly Bureau, the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTL) became a publicly owned company. Since then, TTL has introduced many new products, including Taiwan Beer Gold Medal, the Sweet Touch series fruit beers, Taiwan Beer Fruit Series fruit beers, Song Beer, a double hops beer, Alcohol Free Gold Medal, and more. Taiwan Beer remains Taiwan's most popular and recognizable beer brand.

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