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Taiwan Spirits

TTL Yellow Wine(Huang Jiu)

Yellow wine (Huang Jiu) by Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau,features Jade & Spring product lines including Hua Diao rice wine, Shaoxing rice wine, yellow wine, Hong Lu rice wine, Island wedding wine.The Shaoxing rice wine by Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Company is all manufactured locally, not brewed in Shao Xing, China.


Ingredients: The ingredients including glutinous rice, japonica rice, and corn fermented with yeasts resulted from the interaction of medicated wine, koji, and rice milk. Yellow wine (Huang Jiu) is not only used as a drink but also medicinal usher. There are many types of yellow wine subject to the origin of production and the flavor of the ingredients, which include yellow wine made in southern places (such as yellow wine with glutinous rice, Fujian yellow wine with red rice, and Zhejiang yellow wine with red rice); yellow wine with grain made in northern places. Yellow wine made in southern places is mostly with the ingredient glutinous rice or japonica rice; the same made in northern places is mostly with the ingredients corn and wheat. The color of all the yellow wine products are all reddish.


Yellow wine can be named as the medicinal king of alcoholic beverages because of its high valued nutrition including rich vitamins, amino acids, yeast,lipids, organic acide, and glycerin. Chinese wine has been mainly used for health supplement so that it has high nutrition value, namely, liquid cake.


Brewing Brocess: The classification of yellow wine can be different subject to places, yeasts for fermentation. The production measures can be also different subject to the places. Yellow wine with fermentation with cooked rice sprayed with cold water: Soak glutinous rice in the clean water for two days, steam the rice, spray cold water into the cooked rice to reach the temperature for saccharification and fermentation. Yellow wine with fermentation with japonica rice displayed on top of the bamboo mat: Soak glutinous rice in the water for 20 days, sort out rice and rice milk, steam the rice, display the cooked rice on the banboo mat, let it cooled down through the air to reach the temperature for fermentation. Yellow wine with rice feeding ferementation: It is proceeded by stages and Shaoxing yellow wine with rice feeding fermentation is the vintage.

Product Information:

Alc/ Volume: 14%

Size: Available in 600ml



TTL Shaoxing Wine


In 1949, Puli Winery started inventing "Shaoxing Wine" with the selected best quality ingredients including glutinous rice, Ponlai rice, wheat , and purified Irland spring water, aging in Puli area that was appropriate for aging wine. In 1953, the first Shaoxing wine made in Taiwan was formally introduced into the market.

Product Information:

Alc/ Volume:13.5%

Size: Available in 600ml








TTL VO Shaoxing Wine (3 yrs & 5 yrs)


To upgrade " Taiwan Shaoxing Wine" to contain more fusing and rich taste, it comes up with an " Aging Shaoxing Wine" with more fusing and rich taste through the Shaoxing Wine Cast Strength over 5 years old " specifically mixed by wine mixer and tasted by wine master.

Product Information:

Alc/ Volume:16.5%

Size: Available in 600ml w/ box

Class: wine








TTL Premium Shaoxing Wine (10 yrs)


Waking up wine spirit ------Fine Brewed Shaoxing Wine with 10 - year - Cellar - Treatment.


Due to the 921 earthquake stroke, Puli winery sufffered heavy damage incurred by that the "jars filled with fine aging Shaoxing sine with cast strength", the masterpiece of wine makers, were scattered throughout the places......, Puli town was filled with aroma of Shaoxing wine. As wine master, they would only roll up their sleeve and put all the jars with the fine aging wine in order and back to its places. In 2003, it launched " Fine Brewing and Aging Shaoxing Wine with 10 - Year - Old Cellar Treatment", which is not only a wine, but also a collection of truth, goodness, and pretty of Puli winery.

Product Information:

Alc/ Volume:17.5%

Size: Available in 600 w/box

Class: wine

TTL Lychee Wine

It is made of specially selected fine quality lychee for brewing and contains rich fruit aroma, unique flavor, fresh, cool, and refreshing; served cold in summer, served at room temperature in winter. In 1996, 1997,1998, it consecutively won MONDE SELECTION Contest Gold Medal. It also won International The Finest Wine Contest Gold Medal. This product is our winery's best selling wine exported to the countries in Europe and America.


Product Information

Alc/ Volume: 13%

Size: Available in 750ml

Class: Wine


TTL Kaoliang Liquor


Taiwan Kaoliang Liquor (namely Sorghum Liquor): Kaoliang liquor (sorghum liquor) was firstly an icon of wine culture in Beijing of China. Accorking to the reasearch on the bronze thermal cooking pot of Jin dynasty relics, Beijing had already produced distilled white spirit back then. As of today, it's been a history of 800 years. Kaoliang liquor was developed from its local "shochu" (namely, white wine, distilled from sorghum or maize) also know as aquavit in Beijing.


The development:  Taiwan Kaoliang and China Kaoliang are greatly different. Speaking of their process, styles and flavors, they all are totally different. Taiwan Kaoliang Liquor was originated from Longtian winery, an excellent and renown wine manufacturing master, a masterpiece with tens of years of exquisite creative works, through an unceasingly refined and improved technology, a selection of fine quality ingredients including sorghum and wheat, a regined distilled technology applying the best quality liquor in the second distillation process (that is so called spirit Erguotou) which complied with the traditional wine making process. After aging for 2 years, it is delicately blending and aging ripe. Its name is vulgar but powerful. With its quality featuring fresh aroma and purity, thickness and sweetness, refreshing and clearness, natural flavor and strong aftertaste, it is the top grade product in all Kaoliang liquor lines.


Even since it was introduced to the market on December 16, 1998, it has been widely popular. In 1999, 2000, 2001, it consecutively won MONDE SELECTION Gold Medal and Special Gold Medal. It also won The International The Finest Quality Medal. It contains alcohol (49.5%), tastes rich and fine, and releases distant aroma. If served cold, it tastes fresh and smooth with a slowly released aroma after drink. If served warm, it releases rich pleasant aroma and tastes soft. It is a typical white wine with fresh aroma featuring " aroma, soft, sweet, pure" and "fresh aroma, rich aroma, preserved aroma", truly a masterpiece of nectar.

Product Information:

Alc/ Volume:49.5%

Size: Available in 750ml

Class: Spirit

Hong Biau Michiu

Taiwan Michiu (Rice Wine), the most traditional and largest distilled spirits in Taiwan, is one of the distilled spirits with the longest history and an icon of Taiwan wine products. Michiu features fresh and sweet aroma, low price, and a wide range of purposes such as a drink to be consumed directly, an ingredient to be mixed in cocktail recipe, a medicinal liquor, a cooking seasoning, and an essential consumer product for women in postnatal period; as well as household regimen and stewing.


Ingredient: Ponlai brown rice

Grains are the source of wine. If there are no grains, there will be no wine. Taiwan Michiu (19.5%) is made of the selected fine quality Ponlai brown rice that is the best ingredient for brewing rice wine by reason of its physico properties including the composition of length, width, and thickness of the granulation, volume weight, granulation weight, specific weight, and hardness; and chemical properties including water, carbohydrate, protein, and lipids.


Resources for brewing wine- Water

Water is the blood of wine. If there is no blood, there will be no life. Thus, if there is no water, there will be no wine to be brewed. But good water is one of the significant characteristics for great wine. Taiwan Michiu is manuractured by Taiwan Brewing Plant by applying the fine quality water from Da Wu Mountain which is the only one high above 3000 meter and named with a honorific title " Holy Mountain". Gaoping Creek, Donggang Creek, and Linbian Creek are all originated from here. All the properties including the temperature, turbidity, color , flavor, PH value, hardness, the contents of organic materials of the water, completely meet " The standard of the Quality of Drinking Water Source" stipulated by Environmental Protection Department so sanitary is worry free safe. With the PH vale and calcium concentration in the water, it is the most appropriate fine quality source for brewing excellent rice wine. After the water quality of Da Wu Mountain is filtered through the profuse forests in Da Wu Mountain and the stratums of shale, slate, quartzite, coalbed, and conglomerate, it turns out to be rich and crystal clear ground water which is of alkaline ionized water. During consumption of the water, it tastes sweet and delicious. Furthermore, it may improve the acid constitution of human body, enhance metabolism, and vitalize cell activity.


Michiu brewing process


Measure: Amylo Process                   Main ingredients: Ponlai brown rice


The method of the rice manufactured by the winery is " Amylo Process". Starting from the source ingredient (rice)-----soaking----steaming-----cooling-----Saccharification-----crumblingyeast-----distilling-----aging raw wine-----mixing-----meshing-----bottling-----going through all the brewing process up to the finished product-----rice wine, it takes about 30 days in total to go through all the process-----thatis, a life cycle of a bottle of rice.

Product Information:

Alc/ Volume:19.5%

Size: Available in 750ml

Class: Spirit


TTL Michiu Tou

Michiu Tou is a top grade rice wine featuring brewing with unpolished rice and with a wine distillation simulation the one used overseas for fine wine. It applied initial distillation and redistillation to get essential liquor section with alcohol (35%) to aging for a certain period of time through an advanced frozen clarification filtration measure to stabilize wine quality. With its rich flavor and purity, Michiu Tou manufactured by Monoply Bureau won World Tobacco and Liquor Judgment Competition Gold Medal. It has a wide selection of uses including medicated wine, food braised with wine, seasoning recipe for women in postnatal, cocktail, and general seasoning recipe.


Postnatal Care Water/ Rice Water: Cook 3 bottles of rice wine (alcohol<20%) into 1 bottle, namely, full boiling soup (alcohol <0.5%) which can reduce water molecule to be available to be fully absorbed by the women in postnatal care for the health supplemental care.


Rice Wine Recipe: It is a cooking wine (19.5%) featuring pure and fine wine quality made of Ponlai brown rice through steaming, fermenting, distilling, adding with edible alcohol and fine edible salt (0.5%), and preserving the original flavor of " Taiwan Michiu".

Product Information:

Alc/ Volume: 35%

Size: Available in 750ml

Class: Spirit


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